Angela Dalton is a born and bred Manurewa resident with ties that go back five generations. It’s this connection to the area that has driven Angela to engage, support and represent Manurewa for more than over 14 years...

Angela grew up in a family home where she didn’t feel any significant pressure on her to achieve academic or career excellence. She didn’t have any burning career aspirations and was “pretty average” at school.. She left school at 16 years old having passed her school certificate and got straight into an administration job at Auckland Airport. She had her first child Melissa at 18, married Grant in her early 20’s, and had three more children, Michael, Craig and Laura.

Family is everything to Angela, when her children were young she wanted to be at home as much as possible during the day to look after them, so she got a night shift data entry job at Databank to help supplement the family’s income. Life was a “bit of a blur” during those early years as tends to happen with young, busy families.

When Angela’s youngest daughter Laura turned three, she decided to take a day job as a data capturer at Avis Car Rental.  She learned the ropes and after different career progressions through the company was eventually appointed to an executive position. She enjoyed her work at Avis and found it an empowering experience.

After 16 years, Angela left Avis as her heart wasn’t really in it anymore. She was tired of the “corporate rollercoaster” and the long hours that came with it. It was around this time that her father died suddenly following a long struggle with depression. This began a journey of life changes for Angela.

A change in direction

Angela decided to leave her job at Avis and take some time to consider her `what next’. At the time, Angela was serving on the Manurewa Community Board (prior to its amalgamation into the Super City). She had joined the Board to give her community a voice and through the Board became aware of other part-time opportunities including a role as Town Centre Manager of Manurewa which she held for two years.

In 2010 she won the election to the Super City and started working as the Deputy Chair of the Manurewa Board. It was at this point that her career as a politician really took off and today, she serves as Councillor of the Manurewa-Papakura Board.

One of the things Angela has since pursued is a law degree which she is completing part-time. “After leaving school so early, I felt I had missed out on academic opportunities, and I wanted to do something that would allow me to better execute my governance responsibilities. I’m really enjoying  the degree, the skills I’ve learned helps me in debates and allows me to better understand other peoples’ political positions as well as Council’s risks and liabilities”

Angela also serves on several boards, trusts and foundations. When she’s not working, Angela spends as much time as she can with her family who has a fortnightly commitment to having family dinner together.  Her family is growing and so far Angela has 7 grandchildren, Bella, Bensen, Max, Maia, Sam, Willow and Charlie.

Angela feels very strongly about representing her electorate in the Super City. She says that apart from the fact that it’s her home, her community is humble, “doesn’t sweat the small stuff” and just gets on with things. Angela describes herself as kind, empathetic, pragmatic, and curious.