Angela is one of only two female Councillors representing the South of Auckland, and she wants to leverage her position for the benefit of other women in politics while the opportunity exists. She also believes that it’s important for women to step up and be bold.

A bold woman honours her core values, she knows where she intends to head in life, and she knows the obstacles she must navigate. She does this through life’s experiences which at the time may mean heartache and discomfort or joy and completeness, ultimately, they create the ever-evolving uniqueness of who she is, who she chooses to create space for in her life and her reason for being.”

For those women who are in or are considering moving into political work, Angela has the following advice...

  • Be yourself
  • Be disruptive but not divisive
  • Say no to allow space for saying yes
  • Be at the table and stay there
  • Use your voice
  • Inequity must be called out
  • Back lived experience
  • Build relationships – decisions are made outside of the meeting room 

Angela is open to opportunities to support and empower women in politics and is happy to mentor women in need of guidance in this space.