Common challenges

While funding is always a challenge for charities, Angela says that getting the right skills on boards can also be tough as the positions are largely voluntary. All the work Angela carries out on behalf of these organisations is voluntary. She is happy to help and enjoys identifying opportunities and implementing efficiencies where possible. 

“I also enjoy meeting diverse people from different backgrounds. Sometimes you come across people who have come from quite tragic circumstances and yet they’ve managed to rise above their situation and carry on. It’s really humbling and helps keep my feet on the ground.”


Angela also likes to work with organisations that share similar characteristics such as Pride Project and Safe Man Safe Family. Both organisations are peer led and community empowered and can potentially cross-refer to one another. Angela also applies learnings from one charity to others where applicable.   

The synergies don’t stop there. Angela makes a point of making local government aware of the organisations she’s working with and uses the skills and learnings she’s picked up at Council across her charity work.

Angela plans on continuing her work in this space as long as she can remain effective. She’s also mindfull about not overcommitting so that she can give each charity what it needs from her.